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Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare
directed by Rob Duval

July 14 - July 23, 2017

Those who rush
stumble and fall ...

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Despite a long-standing feud between the Capulets and the Montagues, Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague meet at a party, fall in love, and get married the next day ...


This production is fast-paced, romantic, highly comedic (until the death of Mercutio) and ulitmately tragic, with thrilling sword fights, broad physical comedy, expressive language and an age-appropriate cast.


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Romeo Ari Dalbert
Juliet Alisa Boland
Mercutio KC Odell
Tybalt Nick Atiburcio
Benvolio Rachael Uyeno
Prince Andrew Chow
Abram Malia Wessel
Sampson Harrison S. Saito
Gregory Emily Wright
Paris Carson Morneau
Friar Paul Yau
Nurse Sharon Garcia Doyle
Lady Montague Aiko Chinen
Montague Rob Duval
Lady Capulet Katherine Aumer
Capulet Troy M. Apostol


Comedy of Errors
by William Shakespeare
directed by Shirley Kagan

July 28 - August 6, 2017

I to the world am like
a drop of water
that in the ocean
seeks another drop ...

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Arriving in the bustling din of 1920s Ephesus (which looks a lot like New York City), Antipholus from Syracuse is on a quest to find his long lost twin. But will he manage it in the mayhem of flappers, booze and jazz? He wanders, along with his servant Dromio, through a strange and wondrous place. Together they must dodge opportunistic salesmen, lovely temptresses and an increasingly suspicious police force. Will they succeed in their quest? Join us on this romp through Shakespeare's silliest comedy to find out.

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Egeon Gerald Altwies
Solinus Keith Kersting
1st Merchant / Pinch Eric West
Antipholus of Syracuse Dan Connell
Antipholus of Ephesus Connor Lawhorn
Dromio of Syracuse Kirk Lapilio
Dromio of Ephesus Nygell Halvorson
Adriana Claire Fallon
Luciana Sorsha Scott-Holmes
Luce Ruby O'Malley
Balthazar / Jailer Teia O'Malley 
Angela CJ Valle
Courtezan Leah Koeppel
2nd Merchant Katie Ranney 
Amelia Elizabeth Burdick


by Anton Chekhov
directed by Tony Pisculli

August 11 - August 20, 2017

... your talent
will destroy you ...

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Konstantin and Nina 

Chekhov's brilliant play of love, life, innocence, betrayal and the cost of leading an artistic life. Seagull revolves around Irina Arkadina (a famous stage actress), Boris Trigorin (her lover, a well-known writer), Konstanin (Irina's son, an amateur playwright) and Nina (a beginning actor, the girl Konstantin loves).

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Konstantin Nick Amador
Nina Olga Kalashnikova
Trigorin Alex Monti Fox
Irina Stacy Ray
Medvyedenko Sean Choo
Masha Stephanie Keiko Kong
Sorin John Wat
Dorn Todd Farley
Ilya Ron Heller
Polina Lala Buzzell
Yakov Jonathan "Fenix" Saavedra

by Anton Chekhov
directed by Stacy Ray

by Anton Chekhov
directed by Stacy Ray

August 11 - August 20, 2017
(one hour before Seagull)

FREE no tickets required
upright bear
A man has to stand for something, doesn't he? When honor and virtue are trampled, he must become ... their avenger. Adapted from the Chekhov short story by Tony Pisculli.
Shopkeeper  Maya Jennings 
Fyodor Fyodorovitch  Nick Myers 

When an irresistable force (Smirnov, a man with a mission) meets an immovable object (Popova, a widow in mourning), it's the innocent bystanders who take teh worst of it. A "joke in one act."

Smirnov  Jonathan "Fenix" Saavedra 
Popova  Emily Wright 
Luka  Stephanie Conching 

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