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Twelfth Night
by William Shakespeare

directed by
R. Kevin Garcia Doyle

One face, one voice,
one habit,
and two persons.

Performing online
Jul 16-Jul 25, 2021

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Orlando, Rosalind, Celia, Jaques


Shakespeare’s transcendent (and hilarious) romantic comedy, featuring twins separated by tragedy who find love.

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Duke Orsino Marcus Lee
Viola Chelsea Cox
Sebastian Jake Wolf
Antonio Kris10 Misaki
Olivia Lacey Chu
Sir Toby Belch Taylor Bogan
Sir Andrew Aguecheek Rob Duval
Malvolio Sharon Garcia Doyle
Fabian Manuel Moreno
Maria Logan Uhiwaio‘alohamailani Rasumssen
Clown Matthew Miller
Valentine / Curio / Sea Captain / Priest / Officers Michael Donato

Short Cuts
by Various

directed by
Harry Wong III
Taurie Kinoshita
Malia Wessel

Summer’s lease hath
all too short a date

Performing online
Jul 30-Aug 8, 2021

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Princess of France


An evening of short offerings, including Hamlet of Errors!, a madcap mashup of Shakespeare’s longest play with his shortest play, adapted and directed by Malia Wessel; Moliere’s Sganarelle, The Imaginary Cuckold, directed by Harry Wong III; and Henry 6.3, a 30-minute version of the epic conclusion of Shakespeare’s War of the Roses trilogy, adapted and directed by Taurie Kinoshita. Plus a handful of sonnets, for good measure!

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Program (pdf)
Program (html)

Hamlet of Errors Cast

Dylan Chace LeeDromio of Denmark
/ Dromio of Syracuse
/ Dr. Pinch / Ghost
Emily StewardHamlet of Denmark
/ Hamlet of Syracuse
Christine Lamborn Adriana / Gertrude
/ Rosencrantz
/ Merchant / Nun
Hulita Drake Ophelia / Claudius
/ Guildenstern
/ Ghost / Nun

Sganarelle Cast

Celia Iris Feng
Gorgibus Wil Kahele
Celia’s maid Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak
Sganarelle Daniel A. Kelin, II
Sganarelle’s wife Lelea‘e Kahalepuna-Wong
Gros Rene Brandon Hagio
Lelio Kaipo Dudoit
Villebrequin John Wat

Henry 6.3 Cast

Micah Souza King Henry IV
Marilyn Bellinger Margaret of Anjou
Sorcha McCarrey Duchess of York
/ Lady Grey
Jonathan “Fenix” Saavedra Lord Clifford
Austin Yoshida George of Clarence
Dylan Leming King Edward IV
Stuart Featheran Richard,
Duke of Gloucester
(eventually Richard III)
Kaleialoha Froning Rutland / Messenger
/ Prince Edward
Kekoakamaka‘alaaloha Froning Soldier
Alaka‘i Cunningham Soldier

Henry IV, Part One
by William Shakespeare

directed by
Tony Pisculli

Banish plump Jack
and banish
all the world.

Performing outdoors
Hawaiian Mission
Houses Museum
Aug 13-Aug 21, 2021

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Henry IV, Part One
Falstaff beckons you


Prince Hal, determined to drain the dregs of life, consorts with Sir John Falstaff and his crew, until rebellion breaks into war, and the young prince is forced to assume the mantle of responsibility.

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Program (html)


Sir John Falstaff Eden Lee Murray
Prince Hal Kathryn Mariko Lee
Hotspur Kelsey Baehrens
King Henry IV Linda Johnson
Worcester Andrea Valencia
Poins / Glendower Aoife O’Connor
The Douglas Rebecca Mahar
Blunt / Lady Mortimer Joey Hightower
Westmoreland Suzanne Green
Northumberland / Francis Lisa Nilsen
Quickly Ryan Michelle Haywood
Peto Kahana Ho
Vernon / Bardolph Trissa Walter
Mortimer Victoria Kashiwai
Lady Percy Angelica Quinn