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Both Your Houses
Susan Soon He Stanton

directed by
Tony Pisculli

is brave

August 2022

actor on stage


Mainland regional theatre company Theatre Right Now’s production of Romeo and Juliet has just gone into extension, but the new Juliet has heard troubling rumors about the Artistic Director and is asking uncomfortable questions. Will Theatre Right Now survive? Should it survive?

From Emmy-award winning local writer Susan Soon He Stanton, this riveting new play takes place backstage in a series of hurried and hushed conversations between the scenes of Romeo and Juliet.

This production shares a cast with Jordan Cho’s production of Romeo and Juliet, opening the following week.


Joe (Romeo) Ben Walsh
Ode (Juliet) Elexis Draine
Nate (Lord Capulet) Dan Connell
Nikki (Lady Capulet) Romyn Sabatchi
Joby (Friar Laurence) Alex Fox
Luis (Tybalt) Kahiau Machado
Reggie (Mercutio) P. J. Souza
Tasha (Lady Montague) Cori Matsuoka
Annie (Nurse) Monica Bennett
Seamus (Paris) Jake Rachels
Patrice (Associate AD) Lillian Jones
Monty (Assistant SM) Nicholas Gianforti
Emma (Wardrobe) Rebecca Mahar
Vee (Stage Manager) Alyssa Reyes
Kevin (Light Board Op) Kevin Molina

Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare

directed by
Jordan Cho

Some shall be pardon’d
and some punished ...

August 2022
letters to Juliet


What happens when love wins but lessons of accountability and compassion are learned too little too late?

The houses of Montague and Capulet have terrorized the streets of Verona for years with their age-old and all-consuming vendetta.

While born into this feud, Romeo and Juliet, after a fateful meeting, fall instantly and profoundly in love. Out of devotion to one another, and in defiance of the violent world they have inherited, they are quickly and secretly married.

While these star-crossed lovers are doomed to die at the hands of their families’s hate, it is not young love but their attempts to escape the oppressive systems of society that has sealed their fate.

This production shares a cast with Both Your Houses.


Romeo Emily Wright
Lord Montague Joel Sampson
Lady Montague Cori Matsuoka
Mercutio Stephanie Keiko Kong
Benvolio Rebecca Mahar
Abraham P. J. Souza
Juliet Elexis Draine
Lord Capulet Dan Connell
Lady Capulet Romyn Sabatchi
Nurse Monica Bennett
Tybalt Kahiau Machado
Friar Laurence Alex Fox
Paris Jake Rachels

The Taming
of the Shrew

by William Shakespeare

directed by
Taurie Kinoshita

It shall be
moon, or star,
or what I list ...

August 2022

untamed shrew


In recent years, public sentiment has transformed Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew from one of his most-loved plays (for its physical comedy and sexual banter) to one of his most loathed (for its abusive primary relationship).

Cruel Theatre founder Taurie Kinoshita tackles this problematic play with a materialist feminist deconstruction that takes place in 1950s America straightjacketed by traditional sexual mores and gender roles, then gender swaps several characters.

Kate is the man. Petruchio is the woman. Some male characters are played by men, some by women; some female characters are played by women, some by men.

What follows remains one of Shakespeare’s great, comic romances, viewed through a subversive lens. Kate learns to love Petruchio, and Petruchio falls in love with Kate—and characters are who they know and believe themselves to be.

Fun for the whole family.


Baptista Minola Noah Schuetz
Lucentio Jake Cillian Wolf
Gremio Stu Hirayama
Christopher Sly Hamilton Wallace Clement
Lord Michael Hoenig
Biondello Kaipo Dudoit
Tranio Brandon Hagio
Hortensio Phillip Ikaika Foster
Katherine Manuel A. Moreno
Grumio Alysia Kepaa
Petruchio Jasmine Anderson
Bianca Chivalry Butler
Widow / Pedant / Player Kahana Ho
Huntsman Reece Flores
Vincentio D. Aiko Chinen