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Men have died from time to time,
and worms have eaten them,
but not for love...

Orlando, Rosalind, Celia, Jaques

Henry IV, Part One

by William Shakespeare
directed by Tony Pisculli
August 13—August 21, 2021
Hawaiian Mission Houses

Henry IV, Part One

by William Shakespeare
directed by Tony Pisculli

Associate Director: Kelsey Baehrens
Costume Design: Carlynn Wolfe
Hair, Makeup and Headpiece Design: Mia Yoshimoto
Lighting Design: Kahana Ho
Dramaturgy: Kahana Ho
Intimacy Direction: Rebecca Mahar
Fight Direction: Rebecca Mahar and Tony Pisculli

King Henry IV Linda Johnson
Earl of Westmoreland Suzanne Green
Lord John of Lancaster Angelica Quinn
Sir Walter Blunt Joey Hightower
Hotspur Kelsey Baehrens
Earl of Northumberland    Lisa Nilsen
Earl of Worcester Andy Valencia
Sir Richard Vernon Trissa Walters
The Douglas Rebecca Mahar
Owen Glendower Aoife O’Connor
Lady Percy Angelica Quinn
Edmund Mortimer Victoria Kashiwai
Lady Mortimer Joey Hightower
Prince Hal Kathryn Mariko Lee
Sir John Falstaff Eden Lee Murray
Edward Poins Aoife O’Connor
Bardolph Trissa Walters
Peto Kahana Ho
Mistress Quickly Ryan Michelle Haywood
Francis Lisa Nilsen

“There we were ... in clothes that no one ever wore, speaking as no man ever spoke, swearing love in wigs and rhymed couplets, killing each other with wooden swords ... and every gesture, every pose, vanishing into thin air. We’re actors. We pledged our identities, secure in the conventions of our trade, that someone would be watching.

—Player King, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Director’s Note

Theatre may be the only art form that can’t exist without an audience. You can write for yourself, paint for yourself, dance for yourself, but theatre demands an outside observer, someone to whom the story is presented. That’s one of the things that makes community theatre so special, in that the audience is so specific and connected to the cast and crew. And that’s also what’s made the past eighteen months so very hard for theatre companies. More than the financial difficulties of reduced ticket sales and the technical challenges of mounting virtual productions over Zoom and OBS, we’ve suffered from being cut off from our audience.

We deeply appreciate all of you who have made the effort to attend our virtual shows, especially those of you who dropped comments in the livestream and stuck around to ask questions in the talk backs. And for those of you who have been sitting it out awaiting the return of “real theatre”—we understand. We are thrilled to be performing tonight, on this gorgeous, outdoor stage, and—for the first time in a long time—to a live, in-person audience. We hope you’re just as thrilled to be here.

Stay safe and enjoy the show.

—Tony Pisculli

Henry IV, Part One Crew

Light Board Operator: Charles Wade / Chris Teves
Sound Board Operator: Austin Yoshida
Intimacy Captain: Kelsey Baehrens
Fight Captain: Kathryn Mariko Lee

Hawaii Shakespeare Festival

Founders: R. Kevin Garcia Doyle, Tony Pisculli and Harry Wong III
Board of Directors:
    R. Kevin Garcia Doyle (President)
    Amrita Mallik (Vice President)
    Tony Pisculli (Treasurer)
    Nicolas Logue (Secretary)
Artistic Director: Tony Pisculli
Managing Director: Nicole Tessier
Education Director: Taurie Kinoshita

Hawaiian Mission Houses

Executive Team Members
    Development Director: Elizabeth Lentz
    Director of Operations: Elizabeth Po‘oloa
    Director of Finance and Administration: Lisa Chow
Curator of Public Programs: Mike Smola
School Program and Volunteer Coordinator: Yvonne Manipon



Gerald Arens, Marshall Camden, R. Andrew Doan, Kathy Dombrigues, Hawaii Academy of Performing Arts, Hawaii Public Policy Advocates, Hawaii State Theatre Council, Hawaiian Mission Houses ushers and volunteers, The ARTS at Marks Garage, Kamehameha Schools, Kennedy Theatre Costume Shop, Kumu Kahua Theatre, Melissa Pavlicek, Mid-Pacific Institute, Hannah Schauer, Shakespeare Theatre Association, Windward Community College, Christine Valles, Rose Wolfe


In his years teaching, creating, promoting and performing theater in Hawai‘i, Professor Knapp touched thousands of lives. While he tackled a wide variety of theatrical projects, it was Professor Knapp’s boundless joy for teaching and presenting Shakespeare that we hope to honor with this festival. It is our sincere wish that our affection and respect for our beloved teacher finds a voice in these productions. The Hawaii Shakespeare Festival is dedicated to Terence Knapp.

—R. Kevin Garcia Doyle, Tony Pisculli, Harry Wong III

Judi Dench and Terence Knapp


Dame Judi Dench, Companion of Honour by the Queen’s personal gift and Britain’s Most Outstanding Actress (as voted by her peers) has consented to be the Patron of the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival at the invitation of Terence Knapp.