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All's Well
That Ends Well
by William Shakespeare

by Tony Pisculli

July 13 - July 22, 2018

Our remedies oft
in ourselves do lie
which we ascribe
to heaven

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All’s Well
That Ends Well
The bed trick


Shakespeare’s twisted, fairy-tale take on romantic comedy.

The classic romantic comedy introduces two love interests with an obvious obstacle to their romance, then resolves the obstacle for a happy ending.

In All’s Well That Ends Well, Helena loves Bertram, a “bright particular star” that is out of her orbit. By coming to the aid of the King, Helena wins Bertram’s hand ... but not his love.

Shakespeare first subverts then dispenses altogether with the traditional formula early on, and then the fun begins ... a fairy-tale-style adventure that definitely swings more toward comedy than romance.


Aiko Chinen Widow
Andy Valencia Countess
Chelsea Cox Dumaine, the Younger
Christine Umipeg-Apilado Batterie
Claire Fallon Bertram
Emily Wright Diana
Jordan Clara Ihilani Sasaki Lafew
Judithanne Young Batterie
Judy Nguyen Batterie
Kahana Ho Batterie
Leah M. Koeppel Dumaine, the Elder
Leigh Sholler Lavatch
Lily Kim-Dela Cruz Batterie
Linda Johnson King
Maile Kapua‘ala Parolles
Stephanie Keiko Kong Helena

King Lear
by William Shakespeare

directed by
R. Kevin Garcia Doyle

July 27 - August 5, 2018
(no show First Friday, August 3)

Thou shouldst not
have been old
till thou was wise

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King Lear
Lear and Fool


One of Shakespeare’s Four Great Tragedies.

King Lear is the story of a king struggling against the ravages of age, his three daughters struggling with his increasingly erratic behavior, and a scheming villain trying to usurp the crown for himself.

Filled with moments both funny and moving, this production focuses on the danger of prizing flattery over honesty. The action is set in the Iron Age and will include live musical accompaniment.


Brandon Dipaola Edgar
Bronte Amoy Cordelia
Chivalry Butler Batterie
Christine Lamborn Batterie
Eden-Lee Murray The Fool
Nate Koike France
Karen Valasek Musician
Katherine Aumer Regan
KC Odell Kent
Kirk A. Lapilio Jr. Albany
Lisa Malloy Batterie
Malia Wessel Oswald
Nate Koike Batterie
Nygell Halvorson Batterie
Paul Yau Cornwall
Richard Valasek King Lear
Ryan Bechard Edmund
Sharon Garcia Doyle Goneril
Shawn Forsythe Glouceser
Tanner Haworth Batterie

Hedda Gabler
by Henrik Ibsen

directed by
Harry Wong III

August 10 - August 19, 2018

Listen to me.
Will you not try to -
to do it beautifully?

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Hedda Gabler


Ibsen’s classic of realism, a dark drama of psychological manipulation.

The unhappy Hedda, trapped in a loveless marriage, manipulates everyone around her, infecting them with her misery and destroying lives.


Betty Burdick Aunt Julia
Jaime Bradner Hedda Gabler
Jason Kanda George
Kirstyn Trombetta Thea
Antonio Anagaran Lovborg
Olivia Barros Berta
Reb Beau Allen Judge Brack