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HSF 2020
On sale now!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all shows this season will be performed online via Zoom.

Tickets are $10 per household (or as many folks as you can fit on your couch). Thursday tickets are $5.

Tickets are available until two hours before showtime. You will receive a Zoom invitation for the show one hour before showtime.

The "lobby" will be open at least 15 minutes prior to showtime if you want to test your connection. Please arrive at least five minutes prior to showtime as you must be "admitted" to the show (i.e. we will collect your virtual ticket).

The director of Love’s Labour’s Lost has provided an Audience Guide and Connection Instructions to enhance your Zoom theatre experience.

NOTE: For mainland folks tuning in—showtimes are in Hawaii Standard Time. So, 2pm HST is 5pm Pacific Daylight Time or 8pm Eastern Daylight Time, and 7:30pm HST is 10:30pm PDT or 1:30am EDT.