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Love's Labors Lost
by William Shakespeare
directed by Tony Pisculli

Friday, July 9, 8pm
Saturday, July 10, 8pm
Thursday, July 15, 8pm
Saturday, July 17, 8pm
Sunday, July 18, 4pm

Plot Synopsis
An all-female production of this delightful, courtly comedy. In order to devote themselves to study, the King and his companions have declared it illegal for any man to talk to a woman. Suddenly  four beautiful women arrive at court on official business with the King himself.  As the "book men" slowly succumb to the ladies' charms, they discover that true wisdom is found not in books but in the eyes of women.

Cast (order of appearance)
Jessica Quinn Ferdinand, King of Navarre
Jennifer Vo Berowne
Moani Miller Longaville
Sara Grove Dumain
Joanna Sotomura Costard, a clown
Ashley Larson Don Adriano de Armado, a fantastical Spaniard
Leoni Lanzas Mote, page to Armado
Jennifer Robideau the Princess of France
Miriam Neuman Rosaline
Andy Valencia Katherine
Katherine de Ponte Maria
Jodie Yamada Boyet
Kristen Ludvig Holofernes, a pedant
Caitlin King Nathaniel, a parson
Dixie Wiggins Constable Dull / a forester / Monsieur Marcade



King Lear
by William Shakespeare
directed by Harry Wong III

Friday, July 16, 8pm
Saturday, July 17, 4pm
Thursday, July 22, 8pm
Saturday, July 24, 8pm
Sunday, July 25, 4pm

Plot Synopsis
The aging Lear divides his land between his two eldest daughters in exchange for their empty flattery and banishes the third, whose only crime is that she tells the truth. Drawn into a spiral of deceit, madness and grief, Lear and his children learn that redemption comes too late.  Kingdoms fall and families disintegrate in Shakespeare's darkest and most harrowing tragedy.

Cast (alphabetical)
Laura Bach Buzzell Goneril
Chris Doi Batterie
Jason Kanda Cornwall
Taurie Kinoshita Regan
Daniel J. Kunkel Batterie
Chi Ho Law Batterie
Annie Lipscomb Cordelia
Nicolas Logue Kent
Mathias Maas Edmund
Eric H. Mita Batterie
Jeremy Pippin Albany
Dann Seki King Lear
John Wat Gloucester
Brent Yoshikami Edgar



All's Well
That Ends Well

by William Shakespeare
directed by R. Kevin Doyle

Friday, July 23, 8pm
Saturday, July 24, 4pm
Friday, July 30, 8pm
Saturday, July 31 8pm
Sunday, August 1, 4pm

Plot Synopsis
Shakespeare turns the traditional knight's quest upside down in this ribald comedy based on a fairy tale.  The virginal Helena goes on a quest to win Bertram, the man she loves.  When Helena impresses the King of France, he gives Bertram to her in marriage, much to Bertram's displeasure.  He flees the marriage (and France), forcing Helena to go on a second quest to prove her worthiness to him. This off-beat comedy features colorful characters, elegant costumes and unique sidebars - screens on which comic footnotes and animations are projected during the play.

Cast (alphabetical)
Gerald Altwies the King's Butler; also Duke of Florence
BullDog Monsieur La Vatch, a Clown
Michael Burns Bertram, Count of Rosillion
Alvin Chan Count Dumaine, the Elder
Sammy Choy Widow Capulet, A Noble Fallen on Hard Times
Jonathan Egged Count Dumaine, the Younger
M. J. Gonzalvo a Lord; also a Stranger in the Woods
Christy Hauptman Diana, the Virgin Daughter of Widow Capulet
Jim Hesse Lord Lafew
Stu Hirayama a Lord; also a Soldier
Craig Howes King of France
Linda Johnson the Countess, Bertram's Mother
Alissa Joy Lee Mariana, Friend of the Widow
Christopher Molina Rynaldo, Servant to the Countess
Gilbert Molina Morgan, a Soldier and Translator
Ryan Sueoka a Lord; also a Soldier
Stephen Quinn Parolles, parasitical follower of Bertram
Danel Verdugo Helena, Ward of the Countess


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