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The Tempest
by William Shakespeare
directed by R. Kevin Garcia Doyle

July 8 - July 17, 2011

We are such stuff
as dreams are made on ...

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Moses Goods, Elizabeth Wichman 



The Tempest is traditionally (if not actually) Shakespeare's final play and is often interpreted as his farewell to his art. It tells the tale of Prospero, the wronged Duke of Milan. Banished to a desert island with his young daughter and presumed dead, he uses magic to shipwreck his enemies on the island. Aided by a mischievous spirit named Ariel, Prospero must decide whether he will complete his revenge or find it in his heart to forgive his enemies.


The HSF production of Shakespeare is being told with puppets. Twelve

puppeteers and six vocal actors create all of the characters in the

show. The puppets allow us to bring the magic that is implicit in the

script to life.


Companion Lecture
FREE companion lecture, Saturday, July 9 at 6:30pm

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Voice Actors
Miranda / Trinculo

Sebastian / Stephano
Prospero / Antonio
Caliban / Gonzalo
Ferdinand / Alonso

Gonzalo / Caliban
Stephano / Sebastian
Antonio / Prospero
Alonso / Ferdinand
Ferdinand / Alonso
Sebastian / Stephano
Miranda / Trinculo
Trinculo / Miranda / Prospero
Caliban / Gonzalo
Thug / Shadow Puppets
Prospero / Antonio

Sharon R. Garcia Doyle
Walter Eccles
Moses Goods
Eden-Lee Murray
Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak

Bronte Amoy
Cheyne Gallarde
Maseeh Ganjali
Marielle Hansen

Kim Ip
Morgan Lane

Jordan Matayoshi
Sky Okimoto

Nilva Panimdim
Haley Sakimoto

Ryan Stanfield
Nicole Tessier

Two Noble Kinsmen
by William Shakespeare
directed by Harry Wong III

July 22 - July 31, 2011

That we should things desire
which do cost us
the loss of our desire...

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Erin Chung, Nicholas Atiburcio, Katherine Aumer, Ryan Sutherlan 


A collaborative work by both John Fletcher and William Shakespeare, 

The Two Noble Kinsmen is a tale of the tragedy and the comedy of 

falling in love, inspired from Geoffrey Chaucer's The Knight's Tale.


The play opens with three queens pleading and eventually convincing Theseus, his amazonian wife Hippolyta, and her sister Emilia to avenge their husbands' deaths and wage war on Thebes. Two noble kinsmen: Palamon and Arcite fight on behalf of Thebes and are later captured by Theseus and put into jail, where they see the beautiful Emilia and fall in love with her. Arcite is later banished, but becomes one of Emilia's attendants.


Palamon is freed by the Jailer's Daughter whose unrequited love for Palamon leaves her fatuous and guileless to those around her.  Eventually Palamon and Arcite find each other and duel for Emilia's hand in marriage ...


The tale ends with an acknowledgment of the audience and how they too can find some semblance of their own pain, joy, and honor while falling in love.


Companion Lecture
FREE companion lecture, Saturday, July 30 at 6:30pm

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Jailer's Daughter


Ryan Sutherlan
Nick Atiburcio
Jerry Altwies
Erin Chung
Katherine Aumer
Leigh Sholler

Barbara Coriell
Kaitlin Souza
Tyler Nichols
Jasson Empleo
Raymond Rivera
Jaime Bradner
Cris Cordio

Henry IV, Part 2
by William Shakespeare
directed by Tony Pisculli

August 12 - August 21, 2011

Let men take heed
of their company ...

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Danny Randerson, Abcyde Sildora 

Henry IV, Part 2 - this time, it's personal!

While technically a history play, concerned with actual events, Henry IV, Part 2 focuses more on the private life of Prince Hal than it does on foreign wars and the sweep of history. It also features one of Shakespeare's greatest comic inventions, the irreverent Sir John Falstaff. Prince Hal is forced to choose between Falstaff (a faux father figure) and his actual father, the ailing King Henry. The result is a pitch-perfect blend of comedy and tragedy, alternately moving and laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes in the same scene.

Also, technically, a sequel, but the play stands on its own and no knowledge of Part 1 (or Richard II) is necessary to enjoy Part 2, although there is plenty to delight Shakespeare and English history buffs.

Starring Danny Randerson as Falstaff, Alvin Chan as Prince Hal and Shen Sugai as King Henry IV and directed by Pookela award-winning director and fight choreographer Tony Pisculli who also directed last year's epic, all-female "Henry VI Trilogy" and 2009's hysterical, all-male "Merry Wives of Windsor."

Companion Lecture
FREE companion lecture, Saturday, August 13 at 6:30pm


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Prince Hal
Rumor / Pistol

Falstaff's Page
King Henry IV
Mistress Quickly/Shadow
Doll Tearsheet
Lord Chief Justice
Lady Percy/Wart/Davy
Lord Hastings/Peto/Harcourt
Lord Bardolph/Westmoreland
Alvin Chan
Daniel Kunkel
Dan Doohan
Danny Randerson
Kris Goto
Shen Sugai
Elexis Draine
Danielle Vivarttas-Ahrnsbrak
Brandon Hagio
Aaron Roberge
Malia Baloyot
Patrick Karjala
Kawika Simoes
Marcus Lee
Lacey Chu
Luis Rivera
Tony Nickelsen
Ryan Sueoka

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