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Twelfth Night
by William Shakespeare
directed by Jason Kanda

July 8 - July 17, 2016

Make no compare
between that love
a woman can bear me
and that I owe Olivia.

Reservations for
Twelfth Night

Standby tickets are FREE
at the door, or you can buy advance reservations.

Free companion lecture Sunday, July 10, 2:30pm.


Olivia and Viola 


A comedy of heartfelt tumult sings of siblings sundered by the sea.


Finding herself bereft of family and wracked upon a foreign shore, Viola poses as a 👨 to secure a post in the court of the Duke Orsino. She 😍 for him immediately, but says nothing as he thrusts her into service as messenger to the object of his own , Lady Olivia. The lady, in turn, falls for the messenger, giving rise to a gender-bending love , or perhaps, with the added affections of Olivia's steward, Malvolio, and a visiting 😝, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, more like a love ? Our production takes a contemporary look at a land where the merest flutter of romance sends freak 🚩🚩🚩straight to the top of the pole.

Orsino - Brooke Jones
Viola - Gabriel Adam Brading
Olivia - Carson Morneau
Malvolio - Stephanie Conching
Sir Toby - Nygell Katsuhisa Halvorson
Sir Andrew - Nick Jeffs
Feste - Sean-Joseph Choo
Maria - Andy Valencia
Sebastian - Austin Nakamura
Antonio - Kirk Lapilio
Fabian / Sea Captain - Raymond Rivera III
Valentine / 1st Officer - Jack McManus
Curio / 2nd Officer / Priest - Eriq James


The Witch of Edmonton
by Rowley, Dekker & Ford
directed by Taurie Kinoshita

July 22 - July 31, 2016

Let not the world
witches or devils condemn.

 They follow us,
and then we follow them.

Reservations for
The Witch
of Edmonton

Standby tickets are FREE
at the door, or you can buy advance reservations.



Devil Dog with Mother Sawyer 

A world lit only by fire, full of superstition, of moral certitude, and unequivocal evil: early 17th century England seethed in folklore and spirits. Monarchs drank potions of bone dust to increase their longevity, alchemists sought arcane elemental knowledge, giants and monsters roamed the wilderness, and witches soared through the darkened skies on magical brooms.

Based on real events which occurred in England in 1621, The Witch of Edmonton follows three storylines: the isolated, ridiculed, lonely Mother Sawyer who turns to the devil (in the form of a dog), seeking revenge on those who hurt her; Frank Thorney-a bigamist and wife-killer; and the incorruptible Young Cuddy Banks, in love with a woman beyond his reach.

One of the most sophisticated treatments of domestic tragedy in Jacobean drama, The Witch of Edmonton takes a startlingly modern view of the nature of evil: only when we choose immoral actions and have malice in our hearts are we susceptible to diabolical, supernatural influences.

Read the Director's note.

Mother Sawyer, the Witch of Edmonton - Stacy Ray
Devil Dog - Nicolas Logue
Sir Arthur - Andrew Lum
Cuddy Banks - Brandon DiPaola
Frank Thorney - Tristan Williams
Old Thorney - Jake McPherson
Katherine Carter - Claire Fallon
Susan Carter- Christine Lamborn
Old Carter - Jonathan "Fenix" Saavedra
Winifred - Ashley Shankles
Ratcliff - Juno Mayer

Ann Ratcliff - Aiko Chinen
Old Banks - John Wat
Warbeck - Scott Peiterson
Somerton - Kenny Kusaka
Justice - Nicholas Myers
Jack (clown) - Gabriel Ramirez
Jake (clown) - Austin Sunderman

Community of Edmonton
        - Sorsha Scott-Holmes
        - Domina Hoffman
        - Bailey Campbell


A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare
directed by Tony Pisculli

August 12 - August 21, 2016

... reason and love keep little company together
now-a-days ...

Reservations for
A Midsummer
Night's Dream

Standby tickets are FREE
at the door, or you can buy advance reservations.

Free companion lecture Sunday, August 14, 2:30pm.






Lysander and Hermia in the forest wth Puck 

Shakespeare's delirious comedy of fairies meddling in the romantic lives of mortals.

This production is presented in invented language. Two invented languages, actually, one for the Greeks and one for the Fairies. Shakespeare's original text is translated word-for-word, preserving the meter, but obscuring the literal meaning, and forcing the company to present the story through physicality, intonation and intention.

Oberon - Stephanie Keiko Kong
Titania - Victoria Brown-Wilson
Puck - Amrita Mallik
Fairy - Becky McGarvey
Fairy - Britni "Lolli" Keltz

Fairy - Taylor Turansky
Fairy - Rebekah Tandberg
Hermia - Alisa Boland
Lysander - Jordan Sasaki
Helena - Jennifer Fachan
Demetrius - Shayna Chung
Nick Bottom, the weaver - Christina Uyeno
Peter Quince - Christina Torres
Francis Flute, the bellows mender - Chelsea Cox
Robin Starveling, the tailor - Rebekah Tandberg
Tom Snout, the tinker - Judithanne Young

Snug, the joiner - Isabella Miki
Theseus - Leigh Sholler
Hippolyta - Emily Hoadley
Egeus - Eden-Lee Murray
Philostrate - Kamalani Gapol

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