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Short Cuts

directed by Malia Wessel, Harry Wong III, Taurie Kinoshita

July 30—August 8, 2021
Streaming live online from Oahu

Hamlet of Errors!

adapted by Malia Wessel
directed by Malia Wessel


Dylan Chace LeeDromio of Denmark
/ Dromio of Syracuse
/ Dr. Pinch / Ghost
Emily StewardHamlet of Denmark
/ Hamlet of Syracuse
Christine Lamborn Adriana / Gertrude
/ Rosencrantz
/ Merchant / Nun
Hulita Drake Ophelia / Claudius
/ Guildenstern
/ Ghost / Nun


The Bad Date (Sonnet 61)

directed by Sean T.C. O’Malley
Max...................................................Ruby O’Malley
Saj.....................................................Analiese Arle

Sonnet 20

directed by Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak
Performer............................................Harry Wong III

Sonnet 35

directed by Kelsey Baehrens
Performer...................................R. Kevin Garcia Doyle

Sonnet 121

directed by Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak
Performer............................................Harry Wong III


by Moliere
directed by Harry Wong III

Cast (in order of appearance)

Celia Iris Feng
Gorgibus Wil Kahele
Celia’s maid Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak
Sganarelle Daniel A. Kelin, II
Sganarelle’s wife    Lelea‘e Kahalepuna-Wong
Gros Rene Brandon Hagio
Lelio Kaipo Dudoit
Villebrequin John Wat


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Henry 6.3

adapted by Taurie Kinoshita
directed by Taurie Kinoshita


Micah Souza King Henry IV
Marilyn Bellinger Margaret of Anjou
Sorcha McCarrey Duchess of York
/ Lady Grey
Jonathan “Fenix” Saavedra Lord Clifford
Austin Yoshida George of Clarence
Dylan Leming King Edward IV
Stuart Featheran Richard,
Duke of Gloucester
(eventually Richard III)
Kaleialoha Froning Rutland / Messenger
/ Prince Edward
Kekoakamaka‘alaaloha Froning   Soldier
Alaka‘i Cunningham Soldier

Director’s Note—Hamlet of Errors!

The Comedy of Errors is Shakespeare’s shortest play; Hamlet is his longest—mash them together and what do you get? The genre of Revenge-Comedy is born, with two too many twins, a murder most foul, and the quest to find one’s true family.

Despite their contrasting natures, Comedy of Errors and Hamlet have a plethora of overlapping themes: madness, identity, the supernatural, isolation, vengeance, family ties—to name a few. This made the process of combining the two into one story fairly seamless. In Comedy of Errors, for example, people begin to question Antipholus’ sanity after encountering his identical twin; in Hamlet, the titular character intentionally feigns madness to confuse people. The parallels in these storylines made this odd-couple pairing fit together like puzzle pieces. Characters of similar ilk were fused into one: Adriana takes on qualities (and lines) of Polonius and Laertes; the modest younger sisters Ophelia and Luciana become one; the Hamlets (one of Denmark, one of Syracuse) take after both the original Hamlet and the Antipholi twins; and Dromio of Denmark takes inspiration from the noble Horatio.

In this age of confusion and isolation, I think it’s important to find reasons to laugh and love. By hijacking Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy with his silliest farce, we defy the expected tragic ending and drag Hamlet (kicking and soliloquising) into the joyful realm of comedy.

—Malia Wessel

Short Cuts Team

Production Coordinator: Charles Wade
Technical Director: R. Andrew Doan

Kumu Kahua Team

OBS Designer / Operator: Chris Teves
Lighting Designer / Board Operator: Charles Wade
Sound Board Operator: Charles Wade
Running Crew: Tanyah Tavorn

Hamlet of Errors Team

Costume Design: Malia Wessel
Sound Design: Charles Wade
Prop Design: Kela Neil

Sganarelle Team

Costume Design: Chris Valles
Stage Manager: Faith Cauthon

Sonnets Team

Set/Prop Consultant (Sonnet 61): Lurana D. O’Malley
Filming and Editing (Sonnets 20, 121): Reiko Ho

Henry 6.3 Team

Costume Design: Dylan Leming
Cinematography & Digital Design/Coordinator: Micah Souza
Sound Design: Austin Yoshida
Combat Choreography: Noah Schuetz
Fight Captain: Austin Yoshida

Hawaii Shakespeare Festival

Board of Directors: R. Kevin Garcia Doyle (President), Amrita Mallik (Vice President), Tony Pisculli (Treasurer), Nicolas Logue (Secretary)
Artistic Director: Tony Pisculli
Managing Director: Nicole Tessier
Education Director: Taurie Kinoshita


Donna Blanchard, Dennis Carroll, Alaka‘i Cunningham, Alex Durrant, Hawaii Academy of Performing Arts, Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii Public Policy Advocates, Hawaii State Theatre Council, The ARTS at Marks Garage, Lelea‘e Kahalepuna-Wong, Kennedy Theatre Costume Shop, Kumu Kahua Theatre, Nicolas Logue, Karen Meyer, Melissa Pavlicek, Shakespeare Theatre Association, Souza Digital Media, TAG—The Actors’ Group, Rachael Uyeno, Windward Community College, Sara Ward, Carlynn Wolfe, Harry Wong III


In his years teaching, creating, promoting and performing theater in Hawai‘i, Professor Knapp touched thousands of lives. While he tackled a wide variety of theatrical projects, it was Professor Knapp’s boundless joy for teaching and presenting Shakespeare that we hope to honor with this festival. It is our sincere wish that our affection and respect for our beloved teacher finds a voice in these productions. The Hawaii Shakespeare Festival is dedicated to Terence Knapp.

—R. Kevin Garcia Doyle, Tony Pisculli, Harry Wong III

Judi Dench and Terence Knapp


Dame Judi Dench, Companion of Honour by the Queen’s personal gift and Britain’s Most Outstanding Actress (as voted by her peers) has consented to be the Patron of the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival at the invitation of Terence Knapp.